Coaches Corner

Set your goals!

Set your personal swimming goals and work with your coach to achieve them.  Download this form, give it some thought, write them down and share with your coach.

The importance of starts, turns and finishes

Have a look at the below video of Michael Phelps on his way to winning eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. This is a great example of how important it is to practice our starts, turns and finishes!

The next video clip also features Michael Phelps on his way to breaking the 200m Freestyle World Record. Check out his underwater phase on turns 1 and 3 and look at the advantage he got over his fellow competitors. This in another great example of why it is important to make sure we work on our streamlining and butterfly kick off the wall.


This is the single most important skill for all PBSC swimmers to acquire, so make sure you practice streamling off all your dives and turns when training.

The Freestyle “Flip” turn

See the video on the below link that explains the Freestyle “flip” turn in 3 easy stages

The backstroke “Flip” turn

Have a look at the video on Youtube that explains the backstroke “flip” turn. Simple!

Butterfly Kick Drill

Here is a very useful butterfly kick drill.—extra-kick-fly.html

Go Swim website

This website has some great video’s, tips and swim drills and is highly recommended that our swimmers take some time to view it.